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The kiss

There are distant footsteps echoing in the silence of the hall. In a panicked moment, Travis shoves Wes, none too gently, against the wall and pins him there.
"What-" the words are interrupted by a hand on Wes' mouth.
"Shh... someone is coming" Travis whispers, eyes moving in the direction of the approaching person. Wes glares at him and dislodges the hand.
"And this is your plan ? To push us through the wall ?" he whispers back harshly.
"It's a diversion, man. If they see us here like this, they will just though we were making out ... or whatever. You know, like in the movies." Travis chances to take his eyes off the shadows at the entrance of the hall and turns his head towards Wes.
...who's face is somewhat really really close to his own now. He is still glaring reproachfully and Travis can feel little puffs of hot breath against his cheek. Involuntarily he glances at the man's lips. They look quite nice,
thin upper lip, plum bottom lip just begging to be bitten...For a moment staring at that mouth Travis forgets who it is it belong to and he licks his own lips imagining leaning in and closing the distance. He feels his heart rate to start to pick up in anticipation. His hands feel little clammy and there is a soft growl stuck in his throat just waiting to come out.
He is however woken up from his daydreaming by the sudden stillness of the body against him. He forces himself to stop staring at that mouth and glance at the eyes of his partner. Travis is actually a little surprised that it is Wes who is pressed against him so closely, who is causing all these physical reactions. Were his mind a little more focused and not in a state "kiss-now, think-later" he might have gave the urge to lean in a second though... As it is, he bypasses the panicked look that Wes is giving him and covers his partner's lips with his own.
The first kiss is soft and almost gentle. Travis would like it more if his partner wasn't so frozen up, nevertheless a part of him can appreciate the challenge. He draws away a bit, angles his face and licks his lips. With another fleeting glance in Wes' eyes (he looks less panicked but still a lot startled) he kisses him more firmly this time. He stays still for a moment and then starts to move his lips slowly trying to coax the other man to respond.
For a moment it looks like he has no chance of that happening. But then he uses the tongue to swipe across Wes' bottom lip and he hears an audible hitch of breath. He repeats the same motion and the hand which is still holding his down tightens. Third time's the charm and he feels a small movement against his lips that could have been an exhale but Travis is nothing but optimist. And really -there is a second response and the third and soon Wes is kissing him back, if still a little tentatively.
Time to up the game again. With a practiced move, Travis sucks in the other man's bottom lip and bites at it lightly. There is a very quite moan being heard and Wes' mouth parts some more. Travis worries at the lip with his teeth for a while longer and finally he can feel a careful brush of tongue against his lips. The next touch is a lot bolder and he releases the flesh from his teeth in favor of pursuing the tongue with his own.
The moment their tongues meet, he swears he feels a mild shock go through him and goose bumps form on his skin. The moan he hears is louder this time and he can't help himself as he presses his body closer to the one he trapped against the wall. His hand which was supporting him before is now free so he settles it on Wes' neck, the nail on his thumb accidentally scratching the skin below the ear.
And suddenly he can feel the body against his shiver and it's like someone has pulled a switch - Wes attacks him. With his mouth, tongue licking forcefully into Travis mouth and with teeth biting repeatedly at his lips . Wes hand slides into his hair and grips it tightly, preventing him from moving away. Travis can't believe this, that his prim and proper, in control partner can kiss like this. It's wild and dirty and completely unrestrained. Also, making him really horny really fast. Even the hand in his hair that is now griping him almost painfully is only like adding fuel to the fire. He is trying to match the other man kiss for kiss, bite for bite, but he is quickly overwhelmed and lays back a bit to enjoy the ride.
As soon as Wes feels the surrender he pushes himself off the wall and flips them swiftly. The hard impact of Travis' body against the wall is prevented by the arm holding him. Travis doesn't have time to thank his partner or even give it that much thought really because Wes' mouth is back against his in a second. And it still feels as insanely good as before.
Wes is pinning him to the wall and doing amazing things to him with his tongue and mouth and teeth and the little part of Travis' brain that can still think imagines what the other man would be like in bed if he is this crazy good at only kissing...
After an immeasurable amount of time Wes slows down his assault and eventually stops kissing him altogether. They are both breathing hard and Travis finds the flush he can see in Wes' cheeks oddly endearing. The man has trouble to meet his eyes at first but finally he does and there is so much emotion in those eyes which are usually as carefully controlled as the rest of the body, that Travis is left speechless. 
There are distant footsteps echoing  in the silence of the hall. This time there is also a low murmur of conversation. Wes steps back pulls him by the hand he is still holding. 
"We are done here and I think we need to talk" Wes says softly and steps forward the back entrance never letting go of Travis' hand.

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